text Retrieve up-to-date MSDS directly from the manufacturer via the MSDS Junction online repository, through a seamless integration to any Internet connection.
text   Point and click access to an intuitive query system, allowing quick location and retrieval of any commercially available product.  Products that do not appear in the MSDS Junction repository can be requested through Sentinel Online.
text  View and print any MSDS, either from your local library or from the MSDS Junction repository, allowing easy evaluation of a chemical or product before introduction into your facility.
text   MSDS are easy to find and manage in your local library. Once added, they can be located through the same simple query interface or viewed by manufacturers and locations.
text  Eliminate bulky and inaccurate MSDS binders by allowing any employee with access to your network to view and print MSDS for chemicals in their department or anywhere in your facility.
textMSDS indexed by multiple search fields, i.e. CAS Number, Ingredient Name, Manufacturer, Product/Trade Name, etc.
textHMIS/NFPA information and printable labels.
textAssign custom fields, i.e. protective clothing, extinguishing media, chemical reactivity, etc.
textUpload and attach related MSDS documents and/or information material.
textUser assigned location information and internal reference code.
text  A built in revision history feature archives previous versions of MSDS allowing complete historical version control.
text  Comprehensive reports including a “Where Used” report detailing MSDS in your local library and where the products they represent are used.  A complete “Workplace Chemical List” ready for filing with the appropriate agencies.  Also, your local library sorted by MSDS ID No., Manufacturer and Product, ready for use as book indices if you wish to maintain a book of paper copies of your MSDS.
text   Environmental data gathering and reporting.